Fund Administration

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An Administrative Partner for Private Equity Fund Managers

Hazic uses a high touch, boutique style model to provide full-service administration to private equity fund managers. Hazic’s premium service model is based on direct access to senior management, robust quality controls and innovative technology. The Company’s founders and senior employees have significant industry-specific experience and knowledge of a broad range of private equity fund types and structures. The Company prides itself on the experience of its senior team, which forms the basis of Hazic’s personalized service offering.


Hazic offers a comprehensive range of fund administration services supported by senior professionals with broad experience in private equity fund administration. The independent checks and balances delivered by Hazic’s experienced administrators along with the transparency offered through our technology provides clients and their investors with the level of comfort demanded by today’s regulated environment.

Hazic professionals work together with your management team to create synergies for the benefit of all parties, including your investors. Every engagement is unique. Our services are tailored and our technology is customized to meet your needs. Each client is assigned a team of experienced professionals who provide an unmatched level of day-to-day personal service that is responsive and accurate.

Hazic supports all closed-end private equity funds and all affiliated entities within a fund complex. Fund types include: Buyout and Growth Equity; Mezzanine and Distressed Debt; Venture Capital; Fund of Funds; Real Estate; Infrastructure; Secondaries and Specialty funds.

Accounting and Reporting Services

  • Annual and interim financial reporting
  • Investor capital account maintenance and reporting
  • Management fee calculation and allocation
  • Profit and loss allocation processing
  • Carried interest allocation and distribution calculations
  • Portfolio investment tracking for specific allocations at the GP level
  • Gross and net IRR computations
  • Portfolio performance reporting
  • Track portfolio detail using client-defined metrics
  • Track and reconcile underlying investments for fund of funds entities
  • Manage independent audits

Tax Services

  • Tax strategy identification and planning
  • Annual tax allocations through investor level, for review by independent tax accountants
  • Annual tax estimates for fund of funds entities and direct funds with portfolios that include flow-through investments
  • Coordinate preparation of K-1 Schedules
  • Manage independent tax review and filing of final tax returns

Cash Management and Administrative Services

  • Review of fund documents during fund formation
  • Monitor cash receipts
  • Manage cash and short-term investments
  • Manage vendor accounts payable
  • Coordinate capital call process
  • Coordinate cash and in-kind distributions
  • Monitor cash forecasting for fund of funds entities

Investor Services

  • Coordinate fulfillment of all investor deliverables
  • Maintain investor and related contact data using a proactive approach to ensure data is current
  • Assist with transfers of ownership interests
  • Timely response to investor inquiries

General Partner Entities

The accounting and investor data for your General Partner entities is integrated with the same seamless, customized system used for your investment funds. As a result, related transactions are recorded simultaneously. This dramatically increases accounting and reporting efficiencies. Immediate access is available to you for review as needed — and your data and reports can be easily downloaded in various formats.

Services include:

  • Annual and interim financial reporting
  • Facilitate cash transfers, vendor payments and inter-bank transfers
  • Monitor cash receipts
  • Investor capital account maintenance and reporting
  • Coordinate capital call process
  • Cash and in-kind distribution processing
  • Profit and loss allocation processing
  • Track, allocate and distribute carried interest plan
  • Manage independent audits
  • Annual tax allocations for review by independent tax accountants
  • Coordinate preparation and distribution of K-1 Schedules