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[special_heading title=”About HAZIC” subtitle=”Hazic Investments is a Fund Advisory business that provides Fund CFO and Fund Administration Services” margin_bottom=”65″ text_align=”center” color=”dark”]

[icon_box title=”Fund CFO / Fund Controller” text=”We serve as a fractional Chief Financial Officer and Financial Consultant for clients. We do all the things a CFO would typically do for a fixed monthly fee, depending on the volume of business activity and scope of work. The CFO role varies by organization depending on company history, the characteristics of its industry, and the demands of senior management and financial stakeholders. We tailor our services to our clients’ needs to help them optimize their business.” link_title=”Read More” target=”_blank” style=”centered” animation_delay=”300″ icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-funnel-dollar” text_style=”fullwidth” icon=”fa-desktop” url=”https://www.hazic.com/fractional-cfo/”]
[icon_box title=”Fund Administration” text=”Hazic uses a high touch, boutique style model to provide full-service administration to private equity fund managers. Hazic’s premium service model is based on direct access to senior management, robust quality controls and innovative technology. The Company’s founders and senior employees have significant industry-specific experience and knowledge of a broad range of private equity fund types and structures. The Company prides itself on the experience of its senior team, which forms the basis of Hazic’s personalized service offering.” link_title=”Read More” style=”centered” animation_delay=”500″ icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-balance-scale-right” text_style=”fullwidth” icon=”fa-comments-o” url=”https://www.hazic.com/fund-administration/”]

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