Investment Advisory (Real Estate, Private Debt, Private Equity Placements)
Real Estate

Our Real Estate Investment strategy is to grow wealth by acquiring properties at below market value and adding them to our portfolio. The cyclical nature of the property market means that the timing of investments is critical. Average house prices in January 2009 had returned to the levels of June 1994, representing the final crash of the previous cycle. We are in the “stealth phase” of the current cycle, where the smart, cash rich investors enter the market. We feel that you should “be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”

Having worked in the financial services industry and having an depth knowledge of real estate asset pools and balance sheet valuations our principal was able to spot an opportunity as often regulatory, market or senior management pressures force institutions to sell assets when they cannot be priced to reflect their full value. Hazic Investments will use its extensive contacts to seek out opportunities to invest in situations which, due to timing, complexity, or the nature of the asset, preclude other investors from competing for those assets.

Private Debt

We have ability to source superior fixed income returns in the Capital markets by structuring private credit investments and providing liquidity to sellers by purchasing under performing loans.

Private Equity Placements

We have access equity placement deals through our networks and our Partners. We focus on businesses where we can add value and we use our full suite of services to help the businesses grow.