What is a Rolling Fund?

Rolling funds are a new breed of investment, but the concept is straightforward. Also known as subscription funds, rolling funds were rolled out by AngelList in February 2020, and have grown exponentially. Structured as limited partnerships, each quarter (or series) a new fund is offered, but the terms of the new fund are basically identical to the former fund. This pattern continues for as long as the fund operates. “Rolling” refers to the fact that these funds remain open to new investors each quarter. In a rolling fund, managers do not need as much capital to start investing because they can continue marketing to new investors.

The Hazic Fund Services Offering

Hazic Fund services offers opportunities for new fund managers to start a rolling fund. Its structure includes all necessary legal documents. We have also partnered with leading a law firm; tax CPA’s, marketing agencies, auditors (if necessary) and technology providers.

    Investment Strategy

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